Earthquake!  In Arizona…

Last night about 11:30pm, the doors on our bedroom began to shake as well as the bed.  Ginger asked what that was because we were asleep and it woke us up.  It sure felt like one as we have been in one in Southern California, a 4.4.  Well sure enough, it was.  Thankfully, no damage or injuries, but it’s kind of crazy to have that happen here.


What’s going on here?

This is funny, Ginger had to drop off something at the High School and saw the class pictures.  She decided to look for my year and see if she could find me.  Well she did, and Steve too.

Carson’s First Cub Scout Race

Tonight was Carson’s first time racing a vehicle he and I were supposed to work on. Space rockets!

All seemed to go well during the build phase until our first race. It barely moved a few inches. I made a couple of modifications and it went five feet, better but still not rocket material. I thought our rocket was light, I sanded it so it would be pretty light so I was just dumbfounded.

I had to leave for bishopric and fatherly mutual duties so Ginger took over. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong either, until she was talking with one of the leaders and voila…TWO RUBBER BANDS NOT ONE! I had been using only one rubber band and I either wasn’t in the room or was making last minute final touches so I didn’t hear that, but adding that second rubber band resulted in this…

Yearly Tradition

Seems like the last 3 years spring break has also been swim break. While the rest if the country is still digging out of snow our kids are making the most of an Arizona spring!


What can I say, I’m a nerd.

Of course I have some infatuation with mathematics and statistical models so it follows that I would think this explanation of climate models is awesome.