TV Again

Crazy Kids

Ginger made a similar post last year and here we go again:




Yep, that’s all of them…it has been 90 degrees the last couple days so it makes sense, I guess.

Could it be?

Nah, it couldn’t be:


Judge for yourself…this picture was taken on the I-10 Freeway and Warner road and it’s only hail, but it sure looks like that other white stuff.

Stop the Presses!

20130117-190545.jpgSo it sure didn’t take Ginger long to get me to go to another movie in a theater. We went to Les Miserables a few weeks ago and I wasn’t too interested, but went anyway. At least this time it wasn’t as packed as The Hunger Games.
Danny told me it was Gladiator and Wolverine singing like pansies and it was. I’m glad I knew nothing about Les Mis even though a lot of my friends were in the High School production of it. Nuts to you!

Long time comin’

Most that know me, know I HATE going to the movies. It’s not movies per se, but I can’t stand theaters. Too crowded, in fact I get nervous going to a sporting event too even though I think it’s fun, there are just too many people for my comfort level.

Well, I took Ginger to see Hunger Games Friday night (it actually was a 3:50pm start time) and we wondered how long it had been since we went to a movie together. Well, the answer to that question is, 2003 for the Lord of the Rings, Return of the King.

What can I say, I just don’t like going to the movies…I thought it was good, though, but it might be another 9 years before I go again.